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Digital Technology - Ventura Associates Int LLC



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Apps, and More!

Apps, and More!

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Digital Technology

Technology has revolutionized how consumers engage with companies domestically and abroad, and Ventura has harnessed that power to become a valuable marketing partner to our clients. Technology has also brought some new and exciting opportunities for marketers to consider. Apps, widgets, 2-D barcodes, and augmented reality are ways to further engage consumers with your brand while at home, work, or at play.

Ventura can convert information collected via your consumer engagement promotion into a highly responsive customer database. We can also build and securely host your promotional microsite and database backend, acquire customized vanity URLs, optimize the promotion for search engines, program automated email reminders for people to enter, and much more.

create more exciting, engaging prize promotions!

Build a highly responsive customer database

Optimize promotions via search engines

Program automated email reminders for people to enter

Various engagement styles include: e-cards, file uploads, user generated content, refer-a-friend, surveys

Integrated web analytics reporting

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